My website is down!

Is your website down? First, don't panic! Next, instead of submitting a support ticket right away we recommend you follow these steps to see if you can find out what the issue might be.

IP Blocked
First, check to see whether your site is actually down or if you are just blocked by the server firewall. You can do this by visiting your website through a if not your website not down. The server is probably blocking you due to several failed attempts to Cpanel, email and webmail. Reconnecting by restarting your DSL modem might help (i.e dynamic IP users)

Network Outage
If the website is down even through the proxy then there might be a problem with the server or the network. Check our Ops Twitter account which will display any server alerts or network issues: If there is a reported issue and your website is affected then we would ask that you not submit a support ticket as we are working on resolving the issue, any updates will be posted to that twitter account.

DNS Issue
If your website is down and none of the steps above explains it and you recently made a DNS change on your website to point to our servers, please make sure that your website is pointing to the correct nameservers and is resolving to the server.
  • Visit:
  • Enter your domain name under the "DNS Record Query" tool and click the "Query" button
  • Does your website resolve to our nameservers? If not then you need to update the nameservers at your registrar.
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